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Papers, preprints, and technical reports

Diaz-Uriarte R, Herrera-Nieto P. 2022. EvAM-Tools: tools for evolutionary accumulation and cancer progression models. bioRxiv preprint (this is the direct link to the preprint in bioRxiv).

Diaz-Uriarte R, Gómez de Lope E, Giugno R, Fröhlich H, Nazarov PV, Nepomuceno-Chamorro IA, Rauschenberger, A, Glaab E. 2022. Ten quick tips for biomarker discovery and validation analyses using machine learning. PLoS Computational Biology 18(8): e1010357.

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Other publications

Diaz-Uriarte, R. 2001. "The analysis of cross-over trials in animal behavior experiments: review and guide to the statistical literature". This used to be at Samizdat Press, though that site does not seem to be available now.

Diaz-Uriarte, R. 2000. Effects of aggressive interactions on antipredator behavior: empirical and theoretical aspects. PhD Thesis. PDF or the slightly better looking original Postscript (the pdf was obtained via ps2pdf and some fonts can look ugly on the screen). (Note that all of the thesis except chapter 2 has already been published; chapter 1 as Diaz-Uriarte, 1999; chapter 3 as Diaz-Uriarte, 2001 (the math model paper); chapter 4 as Diaz-Uriarte, 2002; and chapter 5 as Diaz-Uriarte, 2001 ---the Samizdat press book).

Diaz-Uriarte, R., and Diez, I. 1985. Las Aves Urbanas. Ediciones Penthalon.

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